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Friday, 30 April 2010

Alive alive-o

My wife's second cousin Tony went to Spain to paint, many years ago. He stayed to raise a family and teach English. Late in his life, we got an exhibition leaflet from him - he had an exhibition in Madrid, after so many years. He'd written: "At last I am alive again".

I thought of Tony, sadly no longer with us, when my new book of poetry (on the governing of empires)- my first for about 25 years - was published last week. I do feel more alive for it. I couldn't say that the intervening years were anything but fulfilling and happy - Ann and I raised a great family, I had some challenging and stimulating jobs, I travelled extensively, I have some dear friends. But now I can enjoy again the grace-notes that creativity adds to your life, and connect again to the ways of looking at the world I've been missing - enhanced by what another 20 years of experience can bring to the writing. I know that the game is getting well into the second half, if not approaching injury time, but I'm very glad to be involved again. Cheers, Tony.

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